The Great British Bake Off



I swear to God if they don’t fix the damn raspberry…

Okay. I know that this is only my second post on my very new blog and so far they have both been about TV shows, but I just really love this show too.

SO. The 7th season of this masterpiece is currently broadcasting in the UK (I think. Is it just in England or?). Anyway, being that I am an American who has not fled because of our current Presidential election, I have had to get my GBBO fix elsewhere. The internet truly is a beautiful thing.

So far this season we have seen cake, biscuit, bread, batter, pastry and botanicals week. There have been lows, highs, and a good few tears shed (and not just by the bakers). I would give you all the name of my favorite to win the Bake Off, but at this point I really do just love them all so much. I will say that I definitely have a soft spot for Candice, and come on, nothing is better than Selasi’s carefree attitude. Benjamina needs a notable mention as well because those pancakes from batter week were just sheer (or rather lace) perfection.


They’re all so precious.

If you are reading this post and have absolutely no clue as to what I’m talking about, chances are that you live in America (as do I), where we unfortunately have no Bake Off of our own. Fear not! All is not lost! Thankfully, there are beautiful people on YouTube who have posted this season’s episodes along with some from previous seasons as well. Look hard enough and you will find them. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

And if all of this talk about baking hasn’t sent you running to your computer yet, well I’m honestly not that surprised I would’ve run to the fridge. BUT, if you’re still not convinced that this is the right show for you, just wait. You may be asking yourself, “Well who’s the host of this masterpiece?”. Well wonder no more.


And there’s bread. How much better can this show get?

In front, we have Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc–incredible presenters and comedic legends. Behind them are the judges. Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, and yes, those are their real names. Paul brings the sass and a bit of evil to the show, while Mary is like the little old grandmother, who bakes everything under the sun and more, that you’ve always wanted. Together this dynamic foursome is unbeatable.

Unfortunately, after this season, The Great British Bake Off will be moving from the BBC to Channel 4 in the UK. Mel, Sue, and Mary Berry have decided that they will not be moving over to Channel 4 with the Bake Off while Paul Hollywood will be. It’s a sad time in the UK, whereas this will be the last Bake Off that many  will watch. But for now, lets focus on the positive. There are still 6 bakers left in the tent and many more delicious culinary concoctions to come out of it.

Feel free to leave a comment down below about The Great British Bake Off (favorites to win, best moments, etc.), baking in general, or just how much you want Mary Berry to be your granny.

Thanks for reading. ❤

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