Upcoming Plans

Fasten your seat belts.


Hello, everybody! So today’s post is going to be just a quick rundown of everything going on over the course of the next few months. I will obviously be continuing to blog every Friday (Sorry this post is late. Please still love me.) but I have decided to do Blogmas this year.

For those of you who don’t know Blogmas is a kind of event where I will be uploading a blog post every day up until Christmas. That’s right. Every. Day. You guys are getting 24 whole posts for the month of December. 24 also happens to be my favorite number, just FIY, so this is perfect for me to do. There will be holiday recipes, movie recommendations, and maybe even a DIY or two or three. Also, a lot of these posts will be centered more towards Christmas, but they will definitely not be restricted to it. No matter what holidays you do or do not celebrate, Blogmas can be fun for everyone! Now I don’t want to give everything away as to what I have planned but be sure to look forward to it. I’m going all out this year.

This will also give me a chance to really commit to blogging and hopefully anyone who reads these posts will enjoy them!

Well, that’s about it! Sorry again that this post was so late (and short)! And I really hope that you guys are as excited for this as I am.

Feel free to leave a comment down below about Blogmas (anything you guys would like to see, advice for me, etc.), how you all celebrate the holidays, or just how much you want a reindeer as a pet.

Thanks for reading. ❤

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