Don’t Worry, Be Happy


America is going to shit because SOMEHOW Donald Trump got elected to be our next President. I really don’t want to get into politics too much, but Donald Trump is a xenophobic, racist, sexist, lying, misogynistic asshole. There’s no denying that. At all. Ever.

So, I feel that in the midst of all of this craziness we could all use a pick-me-up right now. Please enjoy.

  1. Some freaking adorable pictures to make your cheeks hurt and your heart burst
  2. Comfort food recipes to help heal your heart, head, and stomach
  3. A link to my tumblr that will hopefully make you laugh #shamelessplug
  4. A teardrop plushie for when you just gotta let it out
  5. This website with a bunch of free HD photos to remind you that the world’s not all a bad place
  6. The 25 Days of Christmas schedule on Freeform (which should still be called ABC Family in my opinion) because Elf makes everyone happy
  7. A website with soothing sounds to make you feel safe
  8. A way to learn new languages for the countries that we will all eventually flee to
  9. The full movie of Angels in the Outfield because it’s a classic and everyone should see it at some point in their lives
  10. An article reminding us of all of the laughs we had when we really just wanted to cry (thanks Kate McKinnon)

There you have it. I hope these links will help you to cope with what is going on in the world today. I know it’s hard and stressful and scary and it feels like the end of the world-I’m not saying it isn’t, to be quite honest-but don’t let this stop you from standing up for what you believe in. Don’t go quietly into the night. Make them hear your voice. Be safe.

Feel free to leave a comment down below about you thoughts on the election (how you view the outcome, if you’re planning on moving to another country suddenly, etc.), your favorite ways to handle hard times, or just how much you hate Donald Trump (I could LITERALLY go on forever.)

Thanks for reading. ❤


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