Thank You

You guys are pretty cool.

Alright, so for everyone that has celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, let me be the first to say: Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I know I’m a little late but I upload on Fridays and it just didn’t work out PERFECTLY this year. So Thanksgiving was yesterday and I felt it was only appropriate to make this post.

Now of course, I’m so incredibly thankful for my friends and family and all of the opportunities I have been given. Those are definitely a given but are also totally noteworthy. I do, however, feel the need to thank all of you.

Yes, not many people read my blog. Yes, no one may read this post–ever. But I still think it necessary to thank any and everyone who has ever read ANYTHING on my blog. Whether you have read, liked, commented, or shared anything from my blog; thank you.

Every single one of you, however you found yourself on my blog, is important to me. I’m thankful for you. You let me express myself in a way that I have never done before. I can be as weird or obsessive or crazy as I want to be on here and, while there are not many (or any) people reading these posts, I’m still thankful that there is such a medium where I can compile all of my thoughts into one place. And maybe, just maybe, one day someone will read these posts and smile or laugh or say that my post was worth the 5 minutes it took to read.

Or maybe that won’t happen. Maybe no one will ever read these posts. But that won’t stop me. Because I love to write. I love having a blog. And I love all of you.


Feel free to leave a comment down below about your Thanksgiving (I would love to hear how they went!) And if you need a place to vent about family drama, then you can let it all out here.

Thanks for reading. โค

P.S. Families, friends, and life in general can seem really bad at times. Just know that they really do love you, so be thankful for them. Life could be a whole lot worse (and I’m sure they’re thankful for you too.)

P.P.S I hope you all ate lots of turkey. Unless you’re a vegetarian. Or vegan. Then I hope you didn’t.

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