Blogmas Day 5 – Stocking Stuffers

I wish all of my socks had this stuff in them.

Blogmas day 5! Ok people we’re officially into the first gift guide of the year. Stocking stuffers, I find, are a crucial yet commonly overlooked aspect of the season. Personally, my family always open our stockings first before moving on to the bigger presents. This is where the bar is set, where you get the first sweet taste of Christmas-y satisfaction and, if not done properly, where everything goes downhill.

Whether you open them first or save them for last, I think everyone should agree: stockings are important.

Now that we’ve established this we can get on to the list! I know that there are probably a few different people who like drastically different things that you may not know what to give. I’ve tried to make this list quite diverse so there’s something for everyone.

Let’s begin!

For Him:

  1. Mini Wood Hammer All-in-One Tool Set
  2. Credit Card Survival Tool
  3. Great Minds Puzzles

For Her:

  1. Candy Cane Power Bank
  2. Cuff Bracelet Set
  3. Gift Dish

For Kids:

  1. Infectious Disease Ball
  2. Astronaut Ice Cream
  3. Scented Monster Markers

There you go! A gift for at least a few people on your list! These presents are sure to make anyone happy.

Feel free to leave a comment down below about what you get for friends and family for their stockings, what your favorite stocking stuffer that you’ve gotten has been, or just about how important stockings truly are (BECAUSE THEY ARE.)

Thanks for reading. ❤

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