Blogmas Day 8 – Petmas


Blogmas day 8! Welcome, welcome! I hope all or you are doing well today. For today’s post we’re going to be talking about gifts to get for the most important member of your family: your pet.

Now whether they be a dog, a cat, a bird, or a lizard, they deserve to be included in the festivities.

So I won’t keep you all waiting. Here we go! A list complete with toys, treats, and much more for all of your best friends.


  1. Kong Dog Toy
  2. Bully Sticks
  3. Festive Treats


  1. Mice Toys
  2. Pom Pom Teaser
  3. Party Mix Treats


  1. Activity Center
  2. Triangle Swing
  3. Crunch Sticks

3 gifts for 3 pets that are sure to impress! Of course, these presents are only the start of what you can get your pets. And remember, every animal is different, so be sure to tailor your gifts to their personality!

Feel free to leave a comment below about your pets (I would love to see pictures!), what you’re getting them for Christmas, or just about how much we really don’t deserve such pure creatures.

Thanks for reading. ❤

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