Blogmas Day 11 – Christmas Cocktails

I can’t even drink. 

Blogmas day 11! Welcome back, everyone to my blog! Today’s post is one for grown ups only.

Even though I am not old enough to drink, I still think that Christmas cocktails always look so amazing. Whether it be the colors, garnish, or flavors they’re always crowd pleasers.

So, seeing as the holidays are quickly approaching, I thought that I would put together a list of some of the best Christmas-y cocktails that I have found. A lot of these contain the Christmas spice and flavor staples: cinnamon, clove, orange, cranberry, etc. All of these flavors make you feel like someone is giving you a hug from the inside out–perfect after a long day out in the cold.

NOTE: If you are going to make / drink the things on this list, please make sure you’re of age and are drinking responsibly.

  1. Butterscotch Apple Cider
  2. Holiday Punch
  3. Christmas Sangria
  4. Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa
  5. Margarita Punch

I think 5 different cocktails is plenty. I don’t want any of you to get too tipsy. Seriously though, all of these drinks look so beautiful and are definitely putting me in the festive mood. I can’t wait for Christmas!

Feel free to leave a comment down below about your favorite Christmas drinks (alcoholic of not), which of these concoctions looks the best, or just about how delicious “Butterscotch Apple Cider” sounds.

Thanks for reading. โค


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