Blogmas Day 17 – Holiday Outfit Essentials

You’ll ask for clothes this Christmas.

Blogmas day 17! Today’s blog post is going to focus on the clothing aspect of the holidays.

These are all items that I think are not only absolutely necessary to have during the holidays, but are also necessary for everyday life.

1. Christmas Sweater

Now I think this is the most obvious one of the list. Everyone need a Christmas sweater–ugly or not. It’s just something that makes you feel so cozy and festive that it is definitely an essential for the season.

2. Cardigans

Again, an item that makes you feel so warm and fuzzy that you can’t help but love it! There are so many different types of cardigans as well. There are thick and chunky ones that’ll keep you warm, and there are thin and dainty ones that are a great addition to any outfit.

3. Party Dress

You need something to wear to all of your Christmas parties, don’t you? A great party dress is the best thing. It can be simple enough to look casual, yet still smart or it can be sequined and glittery so much that it may blind a few people. Whatever your style is, there is a dress for you!

4. Jeans

Everyone needs a good pair of jeans for anytime of the year. I personally like having different colors of jeans so there’s a variety of choices for whatever mood I’m in that day. But if I had to chose my favorite they would probably be a medium wash blue skinny jean–that really true denim blue color, you know? It’s just such a classic and they go with literally everything.

5. Converse

If you don’t own a pair of Converse, get some. Honestly these shoes go with any outfit. Whether your dressing up or down, going to class in leggings or a party in a dress, Converse will complete your outfit. I love the classic white Converse All-Stars in the high and low tops (though I think I prefer the high tops most of the time.)

6. Winter Coat

Ok, so this is another obvious one–especially for anyone who lives in a place where it gets cold during the winter. This is definitely an essential and there are so many amazing options now a day. You no longer have to look like a giant marshmallow because a puffy jacket is the only thing available to keep you want in the winter. Asos has some great options if your willing to spend a bit more than you might at other stores (but they’re totally worth it.)

There you go! 6 essentials to anyone’s wardrobe–especially during the festive season.

Feel free to leave a comment down below–what are some of your outfit essentials? Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for reading. โค

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