Blogmas Day 19 – Christmas DIYs

It’s the thought that counts. 

Blogmas day 19! Oh my god. We are literally SO close to Christmas; I can’t even take it.

So today we’re taking it back to trusty old Pinterest for some Christmas DIYs! I absolutely love to do DIYs and make crafts–whether they’re for myself, my home, or friends and family.

I just think that giving someone a gift that’s homemade is so sentimental and really shows how much you care about that person.

Without further ado, I present to you a fantastic list of Christmas-y DIYs!

  1. Paint Chip Christmas Garland
  2. Felt Christmas Trees
  3. Marble Ornaments
  4. Woodland Ornaments
  5. Christmas Card
  6. Paw Print Salt Dough Ornaments
  7. Gingerbread Bath Bombs
  8. Wine Cork Angels
  9. Sock Snowmen
  10. Peppermint Bath Salts

There we have it! 10 beautiful Christmas DIYs that would make great gifts for anyone on your list. I think my personal favorite would either be the sock snowmen (they’re just so cute!) or the gingerbread bath bombs (I love a good bath.)

Feel free to leave a comment down below. What Christmas DIYs have you made this year? How did they turn out? I would love to hear about them so that I can try them as well!

Thanks for reading. ❤

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