Macklemore Who?

These very well may have been your Granddad’s clothes. And I do look incredible.

Hello, everybody! Welcome back to my blog! I hope you all had a nice Easter holiday if you celebrate it!

Today’s post is going to focus on…clothing!

More specifically–vintage clothing.

I have recently become very into vintage clothing, mainly from the 60s to the 90s or early 2000s. Etsy is a great place to find some really cute things if you can find the right stores. So, for all of you today, I am going to share the gem of a shop that I have found on Etsy.

Darlingvintage is probably my favorite vintage shop on Etsy. All of their clothes are adorable–men and women alike. They have a huge array of clothing for all seasons, from patterns and prints to solid and simple. All of their listings include measurements so that you’re always able to make sure that the item will fit your body type.

They update their shop quite frequently and have a ton of listings–which I’ve found is quite rare (unsurprisingly) for a vintage shop. Where they are getting these amazing clothes, I have no idea. But I’m not gonna question it.

Now. Pricing. Obviously some items are more expensive than others based on what they actually are and what condition they’re in. I have to admit that from looking through the listings on their page, these clothes look to be in very good condition. And if they do have any sort of “problem” with a piece, they are completely upfront about it–which I appreciate greatly. There’s nothing worse than getting something that doesn’t even remotely look like what you paid for. I would say that the prices for darlingvintage are pretty fair for what they’re selling. And, as an added bonus, they have what they call their “5-20 dollar bargain bin.” I must say that there are some seriously good items in there–especially if you’re looking for an old school plaid shirt. I may buy them all.

Overall, darlingvintage is an incredible shop. If you have any interest in some cool vintage clothing–I would highly suggest checking them out!

Feel free to leave a comment down below about your take on vintage clothing! And if you do like it, where do you find yours? I would seriously be interested in discovering some new shops!

Thanks for reading. ❤

P.S. Don’t forget to check out darlingvintage on Etsy!

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