Blogmas Day 3 – Best Tree Toppers

Trim up the tree!

Blogmas day 3 has arrived! Welcome back to my blog, everybody! Hopefully you all have enjoyed my last two Blogmas posts and hopefully you will enjoy this one as well!

Today, we’re talking about the tree. No Christmas is complete without a tree in one form or another–whether it be traditional, multicolored, or miniature! Everyone needs a tree for the holiday season. And being that everyone needs a tree, everyone also needs a tree topper!

I’ve found five beautiful tree toppers that would look absolutely gorgeous on anyone’s Christmas tree and I hope you’ll agree. Some are traditional, while others are a bit more fun. Either way, they are sure to make your tree that much more festive.

  1. Mini Gold Glitter Star
  2. Santa Hat
  3. Golden Snowflake
  4. Ivory Angel
  5. Glittered Stag Head

Any one of these tree toppers would look stunning on the top of your guys’ trees, so I hope you’ll take them into consideration!

Feel free to leave a comment down below! What do you top your trees with? Are you a more traditional or modern kind of decorator? Tell me all about it.

Thanks for reading. โค

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