Blogmas Day 5 – Budget Christmas Gifts

For the ones who know we’re broke, but love us anyway!

Blogmas day 5! It is already the 5th of December. How is that possible?! Why is it that the months that you hate move along at a snail’s pace (no offense, I love my snail babies), but the ones that you love seem to fly by?

It’s just not fair.

Anyways! Today’s post is for all of the people out there who are on a budget! Being a college student, I know I can definitely relate to this. I feel like this is also a good time to point out that not every gift has to be super extravagant and expensive to make someone happy! Your presence is good enough for anyone who is truly worthy of it.

But, if you do happen to want to get a little something for a friend, family member, significant other, or anyone else and you are on a budget; this list is for you!

As a rule, none of the things on this list are over 20 dollars (not including any shipping fees that may occur)!

1. Game of Phones ($20)

I think we’re all already glued to our phones, so why not put them to good use? Game of Phones challenges you to use your phone in a multitude of creative ways such as creating an emoji story or seeing who’s parents respond the fastest. Fun for the whole family!

2. Ticket Stub Diary ($20)

For that one sentimental friend that NEVER throws away their tickets. This gift is a perfect way to take all of your old tickets (aka precious memories) and collect them in one place. It’s a new-age scrapbook! (This one works especially well if you’ve gone to something together!)

3. Library Card Socks ($10)

For the bookworm in your life! Socks were that present you got as a kid for Christmas that you never wanted. Nowadays, if someone gets me socks for Christmas, I am forever grateful. These socks also give off a cozy and nostalgic vibe. Why doesn’t anyone take out books from the library anymore?

4. Salsa Grow Kit ($12)

Do you have a friend who loves gardening? Or maybe one that just enjoys salsa? This gift is perfect! Seeds, soil, and planters all come in this kit to start off your little tomatoes, jalapeรฑos, cilantro, and more. You’ll have a fiesta in no time!

5. Pom Pom Socks ($10, on sale for $7)

Okay, socks again. But these ones are really cute! These socks come in three different colors and would make a perfect stocking stuffer, if not a beautiful gift on their own. And I am one that firmly stand by the notion that you can never have too many pairs of socks.

6. Monogram Mug ($8, on sale for $5)

As we can all see from my last post, I am quite the fan of mugs. This mug from Anthropologie features such a classic design that it makes a stunning gift for men and women alike. Also, it’s nice to give someone a gift that you know they’ll actually use!

7. Dog Rates Book ($14 for hardcover, $10 for kindle)

Alright, serious time. If you guys don’t follow the dog rates twitter account (@dog_rates)–you’re doing something wrong. They rate dogs. Cute dogs. Small dogs. Big dogs. All dogs. And now they’re all in one place, perfectly sized for your coffee table. Trust me, anyone will love this book. They’re good dogs, Brent.

8. Boulangerie Jar ($18)

Candles are a passion of mine. If any of you know me, then you also probably know just how many candles I have that I haven’t even begun to burn. This candle is gorgeous, from the packaging to the scents. With seven different scents, such as pumpkin shuffle and oatmeal cookie, there’s no way you can go wrong!

9. Mer-Sea & Co. Bath Bomb ($10)

I love taking baths. There aren’t many things more relaxing to me than treating myself to a nice bath after a long day or week. A bath bomb makes that time all the more enjoyable–and they’re good for your skin! This bath bomb comes in three variations–citrus match, coconut sugar, and saltaire–all of which sound amazing. If you know anyone who enjoys a good soak in the bath; this is the gift for them.

10. Swiss Army Pocket Knife ($20)

This one is a bit more geared towards the boys, but I honestly think this would be a good gift for anyone. Okay, maybe not children but you get what I mean. A Swiss army knife is so much more than a regular old pocket knife as it has so many handy little tools too! In the classic red color, this gift is perfect for Christmas.

That’s the end! I hope this list has helped you all get an idea for what to get your friends, family, etc. for Christmas without breaking the bank. Just remember, though, that the best gifts come from the heart and there is no need to spend money that you don’t necessarily have on someone. Homemade gifts are perfect, too.

Feel free to leave a comment down below about what types of things you’re getting others for Christmas. I would love some more ideas.

Thanks for reading. โค

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