Blogmas Day 7 – Christmas DIYs 2.0

You can never make too many DIYs.

It’s back, baby! Yes, it is Blogmas day 7 and yes, we’re doing some more Christmas DIYs! Last year, I gave you guys a list of 10 beautiful DIYs to spruce up your holiday season. This year, I’m giving you 10 more.

Please hold your applause.

Okay–real talk. The wonderful world of Pinterest has come through once again. These DIYs are adorable. I want to do every single one of them and I just might. Onto the list!

  1. Rustic Twig Ornaments
  2. Felt Stuffed Deer
  3. Peppermint Body Scrub
  4. DIY Snow Globes
  5. Disney Christmas Ornaments
  6. Peppermint Candy Spoons
  7. DIY Fur Letters
  8. Snowy Mason Jars
  9. Grinch Pillow
  10. Rudolph Hot Chocolate Gift Bags

Ten more amazing Christmas DIYs! I think these ones might even be better than the one’s from last year!

Feel free to leave a comment down below! What are your favorite Christmas DIYs? I always love to hear new ideas!

Thanks for reading. โค

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