Blogmas Day 12 – Christmas Beauty Products

Pamper yourself this season!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Blogmas day 12! Today’s post is going to be about some Christmas beauty products that various people / companies have brought out this year for the holiday season!

So many amazing products have been released this season, all at varying prices, so I’ve narrowed this list down to five things. There are many more! Please go and have a look for yourselves and see if anything strikes your fancy!

Also, any of these products would make an amazing gift for someone in your life–it is the season of giving!

1. Best of Beauty Bundle by Fresh

With a cleanser, face mask, face cream, eye concentrate, and lip treatment–you are sure to get a bang for your buck with this kit. Your skin will thank you!

2. Star-Studded Liquid Lipstick Set by Stila

A beautiful collection of liquid lipsticks–something everyone should have. Containing six matte shades and two shimmer shades, all in gorgeous colors, there’s definitely something in here that you need.

3. Lush Cosmetics

Lush is a company that makes some amazing bath and shower products amongst other things. They especially make incredible bath bombs and their Christmas ones are the icing on the cake. I’ve linked the Christmas section their website above so you can have a peruse of your own and pick what you’d like the best!

4. Holiday Pajamas Duo Set by Philosophy

Don’t be deceived by the title–this is actually a shampoo / body wash and lotion set! I am a huge fan of philosophy and I love their Christmas-y scents so much! With this duo set, there’s no way that anyone can be a Grinch.

5. The Perfect Bite Lipstick Set by Bite Beauty

Four beautifully Christmas lipsticks that come in a perfect red tin, perfect for gifting. What more could you ask for?

Ta-da! Five amazing beauty products / sets filled to the brim with Christmas spirit! I would honestly be so happy to receive any of these gifts for Christmas and I’m sure your friends, family, and others would definitely agree!

Feel free to leave a comment down below! What are your favorite Christmas beauty products? Are they new or classics that you always go back to? Let me know!

Thanks for reading. โค

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