Blogmas Day 16 – College Student Gifts 2.0

Cash is still good.Blogmas day 16! Today’s post is very relatable as I am currently a college student!

Now, all of you with friends or family in college may be racking your brains for gift ideas but I can honestly say that college students are probably the easiest people to buy for as we are always in need of something.

Also, I think that college students are going to be grateful for just about anything that you give them. If you do want some ideas, though, see the list below!

  1. Card Against Humanity
  2. Happy Little Accidents
  3. Portable Charger
  4. Ten Foot Charging Cable
  5. HP Sprocket
  6. Tool Set
  7. Novelty Slippers
  8. Wall Tapestry
  9. Throw Blanket
  10. Planner

Ten more amazing gifts that any college student would be proud to show off around campus or in their dorm rooms! I seriously love the Happy Little Accidents book–Bob Ross is just such a lovely and calming human being.

Feel free to leave a comment down below! Would you guys use these items? Which ones are your favorites? Let me know!

Thanks for reading. โค

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