Blogmas Day 20 – Favorite Christmas YouTube Videos

Grab your popcorn and settle in for some holiday content!Hello, everyone! Blogmas day 20 is about something that consumes most of my free time; this is YouTube videos. I am a HUGE fan of YouTubers and the content that they make. Some YouTubers also make some incredible and festive content for the holiday season and I thought that I would share with you all some of my favorite videos from this year!

***This list excludes any Vlogmas videos as they would most likely fill up the entire list***

  1. Gingerbread Christmas Light CupcakesΒ (Zoella)
  2. My Christmas Day Recipe|Nut Wellington (Niomi Smart)
  3. diy christmas card + a mini haulΒ (Jordan Clark)
  4. WHAT’S IN YOUR JINGLE CAVE? (Jacksepticeye)
  5. GRWM: Everyday Festive Glam Look (Zoella)
  6. december plan with me (Cheyenne Barton)
  7. 5 easy diy stocking stuffers (Jordan Clark)
  8. Sweater Weather: Hair, Makeup + Outfit! (Ingrid Nilsen)
  9. 7 CHEAP & EASY DIY CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS (themissalliecakes)

Ten of the best and most festive videos that I have thoroughly enjoyed this year! I love all of these people so much, so if you do check them out then please show them some love! They’re all quite lovely people.

Feel free to leave a comment down below! Who are your favorite YouTubers? What are your favorite holiday-themed videos of the year? I’d love to give them a look!

Thanks for reading. ❀

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